Al Hooper

Truth in fiction

Cole’s Last Chance

Adam Cole had already served in “his” war when Vietnam became part of the national vocabulary. As an American newspaperman living and working in Vancouver, Canada, he hoped to keep his distance from the Vietnam War engulfing America’s consciousness.

But war’s repercussions cross all borders. So too do the explosive events that accompany a clash of violently opposed beliefs and agendas.

Adam finds himself uniquely vulnerable. He understands and sympathizes with the thousands of young Americans who fled to Canada rather than submit to the U.S. military draft. But not everyone shares this view. And as hostility and violence stalk the war protestors, he finds himself in the middle of a deadly crossfire. Or possibly the target of it…

Cole’s Last Chance, a sequel to the Adam Cole novel Flynn’s Last Stand, is both a superbly written crime novel and a mature love story. Its riveting events unfold at a moment in history when the nation was undergoing a collective nervous breakdown, with consequences that continue to this day.