Al Hooper

Truth in fiction

Hidden Valley

Maxwell Harper knows what he likes, and what he likes are dinosaurs. But where can a sharp-eyed kid like Maxwell spot a genuine dinosaur these days? Make that dinosaurs ... plural!

Tracking monsters was not even on the radar when Maxwell and his two sisters, Patty and Lee Jay, arrived at the Lazy L dude ranch in the Yakima Valley that hot August afternoon.

In fact their young host at the Lazy L, Marty Lawrence, had heard all he wanted to hear about the prehistoric creatures.

Dinosaurs! They were giving the Lazy L a bad name.

But could these reports be true? Did real-life dinosaurs really exist?

Maxwell was about to find out.

Meanwhile there were other sinister forces gathering in the valley. The Lazy L was under siege. Some big-city bad guys wanted to take it over, and they had the firepower to do it.

And now, under a moonlit sky, two silent figures are seen moving among the valley's ghostly shadows ...

(Publication date: 2011)